Saturday, 13 November 2010


I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about, preparing, and eating food. Here are some pics: 

Mapo Dofu - great on cold days. In lieu of Szechuan peppper, I used Blair's After Death hot sauce, which imparts a surprisingly subtle flavor. Recipe here.

Oyako-don, which literally translates into "parent-child bowl," a name for the chicken and egg stew that might not appeal to American sensibilities. Still, warm and filling with brown rice on the bottom :)

Eringi mushrooms - yummy just sauteed with garlic in olive oil. I put this picture up because I like the mushroom mascot, who looks mildly peeved that he's about to be chopped up and eaten.

From a delightful beachside barbecue two months ago with my old host family in Tokushima: 

An oversized oyster, plucked from the water a few minutes earlier by my old host-dad.

 I harvested this guy myself. Fresh sea-urchin tastes like the sea in a very interesting and refreshing way - just suck out the orange goop! 

What a handsome lad! 

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