Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mapo-dofu: Because it's delicious

Mapo-dofu is delicious, and surprisingly easy to make. It's a shame that tofu gets passed off so often as a meat substitute back in the States, pressed and formed into all sort of unappealing shapes and textures. It's tasty in its own right, and compliments meat quite nicely, as this dish shows. I will mail-order Sichuan peppers next time I make it, but Blair's After Death Hot Sauce works well in a pinch ;)

Recipe here, lifted from the very useful blog .

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  1. I can't believe you are making one of my favorite Chinese dishes before I do! Unfortunately I won't be visiting anytime soon, but I can definitely mail you any Chinese spices you might be looking for. The "ma" in mapo doufu means numbing and comes from these dreadful tongue-numbing black seeds and gives it that yummy flavour as long as you don't bite 'em.